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Message from Founder and CEO Brent Watkins

Brent Watkins

I retired as a Special Agent of the FBI in late 2016 and decided to offer my unique expertise, specialized education and training, and extensive experience to the private sector. I have over 20 years of experience investigating computer and high-tech crime, starting down that path when e-commerce was in its infancy. My first case was in 1997 and it was a simple DOS attack on a large retailer. Contrast that with today where terrorists, nation states, attacks on critical infrastructure, and financially motivated cybercrime (e.g. ransomware and Business Email Compromise) are in the news every day. Interesting cyber anecdote: in the eighties while working towards my electrical engineering degree, I studied “fuzzy logic,” which was the predecessor to today’s machine learning and artificial intelligence.
I’m a recognized expert in the disciplines of terrorism and explosives/hazardous devices. I was a certified Special Agent Bomb Technician, and one of the few Techs also qualified as a Forensic Examiner in explosives. I had numerous overseas deployments investigating complex bombing scenes, and routinely worked with agencies of foreign governments. I also provided court testimony as a qualified expert witness.
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What We Do

Our Services


Cyber Security

Cyber Security is an enormous playing field, and we know the plays. Our obvious goals are to minimize your attack surface and secure your data, and if you have a breach we’ll get you back in business. We have a diversified portfolio of cyber security products and services. We highly recommend Windows hardening, segmentation, robust data recovery solutions, and tabletop exercises because all are critical in today’s environment:

  • Windows hardening. Windows has very effective built-in security features, yet few are using them or making full use. We fix that. This is huge and organizations are shocked when they see the significant security improvements and risk reduction that result from hardening. Hardening is a highly specialized skill and we have those skills.
  • Segmentation. One critical aspect of data security is the “wiring diagram.” Data belongs where is difficult to see or find, and different kinds of data don’t belong in the same place. If a criminal has my house key, he can get into my house but has to work much harder to break into my neighbor’s house. And hopefully that neighbor has hardened locks, reinforced glass, and an advanced alarm system. A nontechnical explanation, but you get the point. And by the way, segmentation is absolutely critical if IoT is part of your network.
  • Data storage and recovery. A few years ago we saw a hacker take down a Fortune 100. All was lost and each machine was wiped for reload, but it took four days to restore. What happens when an e-commerce company is down for days? We can set you up for success with not only state of the art storage, but quick and reliable restoration capability as well.
  • Tabletop Exercises. Here’s a shocker: the majority of companies are unprepared for a breach. Our extensive experience translates into impactful tabletop exercises to improve your readiness, response, and recovery. Just like hardening, tabletops are also a must-do. Did you get the point? Tabletops are a must-do.

Digital Domain Security for High Net Worth Individuals

Account takeovers and e-mail compromises are in the news virtually every day. You’ve no doubt seen the results of some of these hacks since sensitive photos and emails are usually posted on the web. Our team has considerable experience in working these types of personal disasters. These situations have been going on well-before social media, but social media has certainly made our digital world more complicated and problematic. Not to mention Internet of Things devices are just about everywhere. Professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, highly paid C-Suite executives, and other wealthy high-profile individuals are potential targets. And more importantly, their children and other family members have been targeted as well. One victim we know had his email posted on the Internet, and went from being an A-list Vegas show to persona non grata. Brent was case agent on the Sarah Palin email compromise, which affected her children as well.


We provide Terrorism Awareness and Active Shooter Defense Training. Our active shooter training is effective because it’s not just a video preaching the Run, Hide, or Fight mantra. It’s hands-on and students get a little “action” in addition to classroom instruction. People learn skills that may someday save their lives. It’s a deadly serious matter, but students have a little fun as well.

Venture Capital

Business starts with growth as a goal. At some point opportunities present but the cost of implementing those opportunities is significant, and you need a source of outside funding. The process of raising money is daunting, but we’ve done it and know the business. Venture capital is still very much available for promising companies that have a great leadership team and are executing well.


People will not buy your product or service on a large scale if you don’t have great content widely seen by your target demographics. We’re in the marketing space an have a unique way of successfully producing great content that goes viral. That usually translates into one and one-half million views in less than a month, and we guarantee a minimum of one million. The result is wide exposure to a relevant audience, and that means high quality leads.

Entertainment Consulting and Public Speaking

Brent has provided about 300-ish presentations and seminars over his career as an FBI Special Agent, and is available for speaking engagements. He’s often booked up to a year out. Brent has also appeared in numerous television interviews, both in studio and live. Most presentation topics concerned computer intrusions and data breaches, but also explosives and IED’s, terrorism awareness/active shooter, and foreign counter intelligence. The most popular presentations are “Cyber Security Lessons Learned from 20 Years as an FBI Cyber Agent,” and “I Know What You’re Doing, and What You’re Not Doing for Cyber Security.” He’s written sub-plots for books and films involving computer security, hacking, and terrorism. He consulted on one major motion picture and a book to be published in 2019. He’s in the process of moving a reality television show from concept to production.